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What information does the DGT 3.0 platform provide to the driver?

The DGT 3.0 platform acts as a truthfully updated information center, providing details to road drivers at the same time as users connected to the same platform. For this, a set of services have been implemented available to all those users who want to share and/or consume this information for free and offer mobility services to end users.

What are the details offered by this service?

  • Warning of breakdowns on the road: it will collect information on all those breakdowns or accidents that occur on the road in which the vehicle or its load obstructs the road.
  • Warning of works: the works that are compiled are all those that affect the circulation of interurban roads and crossings, altering the ordinary roads of the road, shoulder or functional elements of the road.
  • Data generated by the sensors of the vehicles: through the different sensors that generate data on the state of the vehicle (activation of fog lights or windshield wipers, ESP-ABS, emergency lights), the same data is shared in real time to offer Real information in order to know the state of the roads (slippery ground, stopped vehicle, heavy rain, etc.).
  • Virtual Variable Message Panel: the Virtual Variable Message Panel (PMMV) service allows drivers to receive information, warn them of possible dangers and give recommendations or indications in order to guarantee road safety and improve traffic flow.
  • Large transport tracking: this service allows you to monitor and publish the information of the dynamic and real-time location of all those vehicles or special transports that due to their dimensions or reduced speed of circulation may affect circulation during their journeys.
  • Points of interest: this service consists of the publication of information available in DGT information systems (eg, Mobility Map) so that those agents/third parties interested in consuming it can report nearby elements that drivers can find along the way. throughout the journey they are making.
  • Location of roadside assistance tow trucks in operation: it is communicated by telematic means to the competent authority in matters of regulation, ordering, management, surveillance and discipline of traffic, the geopositioning of the vehicle and the states during the assistance operation for its publication in the national access point for traffic and mobility.
  • Sporting events: with this service, the DGT intends to collect and publish location information in real time of all sporting events (cycling competitions, road athletics events, rallies, etc.) that may affect the traffic and road safety of users who travel through the roads of Spanish territory.
  • Car parks: this service centrally publishes real-time information on car parks (location, car park characteristics, total capacity, available places , etc) in Spanish cities so that those third parties interested in consuming it can inform the end user.
  • Protection of operators working on roads: this service is responsible for collecting and centrally publishing the location information in real time of all conservation activities and works on the roads that may be taking place, with the aim of alerting the driver when approaching these sections.
  • Cyclists on the road: the service collects and publishes information on the real-time location of cyclists who travel on the roads during their sports or leisure outings.
  • Loading and unloading information: the service collects and publishes the information on the loading and unloading zones of the different cities of the national territory in a centralized and homogeneous way in DGT 3.0 so that third parties interested in consuming it can report the loading and unloading zones , the characteristics and schedules that limit them.
  • Traffic light information: with this service, the traffic light information of all Spanish cities will be made accessible in a centralized manner through the DGT 3.0 platform for consumption, facilitating the development of utilities that allow traffic flow to be improved and optimized.


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