Emergency light V16 Connected

Say goodbye to warning triangles

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No additional costs

SIM card and line maintenance included until the year 2038

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DGT 3.0

Manufactured in accordance with current safety regulations and approved according to DGT requirements

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Smart Security


FlashLED SOS is the new emergency light with a V16 geolocation and certification system. Designed with all the specifications required by the DGT, it can be used as an emergency signaling system and will be mandatory as of December 31, 2025.

Its built-in geolocation system will be able to report the location of the vehicle. It communicates its activation, deactivation and geopositioning to the national access point in terms of traffic and mobility.



Smart Security

Emergency light V16 Geolocated and Approved
Connected to DGT 3.0
Mandatory use from 12/31/25

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Decree 1030/2022

Emergency Light V16 certified

Manufactured in accordance with current safety regulations and approved with LCOE number 2023010020G1, according to DGT requirements, with approval number marked on the top of the article.

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Help, warn and protect

Connected to the DGT

The V16 Emergency Light connected to DGT 3.0, through Telefónica Tech. It has a SIM card and line maintenance included until 2038 at no additional cost.

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Royal Decree 1030/2022

Mandatory use from 2026

After the recent approval of Royal Decree 1030/2022, the traffic authorities recommend the V16 Geolocatable FlashLED SOS Emergency light. It will replace the emergency triangles, if you wish, from July 1, 2021 and will be mandatory from December 1, 2026.

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Bye Bye Triangles

Signal accidents or breakdowns without leaving your vehicle with FlashLED SOS, the substitute for emergency triangles.

Buy Light V16 approved

FlashLED SOS Signal V16
Approved - Connected - Geolocated

How does the V16 signal work?

Visible 360º/1 km

Optical system with a 360º field of visibility guaranteeing its range over 1 km away.


Built-in geolocation system. Informs about the location of the vehicle communicating activation, deactivation and geopositioning.

Data included

Cost of communications and data service included and guaranteed until 2038 at no additional cost.

Magnetic base

Magnetized base to remain stable on a flat surface, not moving in the face of air currents of 180 Pa.

Super resistant

IP54 protection degree, resistant to dust and water. Guaranteed operation at temperatures of −10 and 50 ºC.

DGT approved

Approved for DGT 3.0. by the New Royal Decree 1030/2022, which regulates assistance services on public roads.

Why trust the V16 FlashLED SOS beacon?

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