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Can a connected V16 emergency light be used in other countries?

The use of the V16 geolocalizable emergency light, such as the FlashLED SOS V16 Connected, has become a very useful tool for signaling incidents on the road. In fact, the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) of Spain is working to propose the mandatory nature of this device in other countries of the European Union, in order to improve road safety throughout Europe.

Where does this regulation currently apply?

However, it is important to bear in mind that the regulations that regulate the use of the geolocatable V16 emergency light only currently apply in Spain. Although it is true that its use outside Spanish territory can be useful to signal an incident visually, it is also true that, until there is a European regulation that regulates it, the emitted signal will not reach the DGT 3.0 platform, which is the one that collects and manages all the information on Spanish roads.

Therefore, it is essential to continue working on the promotion of European regulations that regulate the use of the V16 geolocatable emergency light, so that its use is effective and road safety can be improved throughout Europe. In the meantime, it is important that drivers are aware that their use is only allowed in Spain and that they must take into account the specific rules and regulations of each country to which they travel.


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