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FLASHLED cumple todos los requisitos de la DGT

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Con más de 300 reviews positivas FLASHLED es la primera baliza V16 IoT conectada con Telefónica Tech

Reasons to replace the warning triangle with FlashLED SOS

FlashLED SOS is the new high luminosity and intensity V16 approval signaling light for breakdowns and accidents , made up of 16 super bright LED lights visible over 1 km and 360º at night and bright enough to offer protection during the day.

It is designed for quick and safe placement on the roof of the vehicle in an emergency with a magnetic mount. Thanks to its immediate signaling capacity in the event of a breakdown or accident, and its use without having to leave the vehicle, as is the case with emergency triangles, the DGT has recognized this light as a valid signaling element since 2023 and from the year 2026 will become a mandatory item.

FlashLED SOS has IP54 waterproof and dustproof certification and is ideal for use in traffic control, signaling accidents and breakdowns, as a rescue light both in the mountains or in the water, etc...


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