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Triangles are no longer mandatory on highways and dual carriageways

bye bye triangles

Since this past Saturday, July 1, the holiday season for many drivers begins, the triangles are no longer an obligation both on highways and highways. In seasons like this, in addition to suitcases, it is common to carry emergency triangles in the trunk to signal our vehicle in the event of an accident or breakdown. But as the DGT has already announced, this will no longer be an essential condition.

emergency triangle

This prohibition will specifically affect high-speed roads, since the DGT has identified that the triangles generate insecurity and have caused many accidents due to the fact of going down to place them on the shoulder.

What is the alternative?

As an alternative to signal our car in case of an emergency on the road, we have the option of the V16 and V16 Connected beacon that is placed on top of the vehicle without leaving it, and that through the DGT 3.0 cloud, you can share your geolocated position with the same DGT and the rest of the drivers connected. This emergency light will coexist with the triangles on the rest of the roads until January 1, 2026, when it will become mandatory.

FlashLED V16 Beacon Connected
Can I be fined for not wearing a beacon?

Although the triangles and the beacons coexist in the norm, you will not receive fines for not carrying the beacons on highways and motorways, but it is convenient to have the V16 to use it in case of breakdown and place it on top of the vehicle. On conventional roads and in urban centers, both forms of signaling may be used.

road fine

It is important to clarify that within the two types of currently existing beacons, Connected and Non-Connected, only the former will become mandatory as of January 1, 2026. The purpose of this type of beacon, apart from Facilitating real-time signaling to other drivers through DGT 3.0 will avoid the need to get out of the car to signal it, especially on highways and motorways, where vehicles travel at high speed.


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