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The DGT can fine you for driving with loud music

Some people, upon entering their vehicle, immediately put on music. This simple act is part of our routine and we don't conceive of a long trip without a good soundtrack, and even short trips let's be honest. However, not all drivers are aware that this can be just as distracting as looking at your phone or driving under the influence of alcohol.

Listening to music at too high a volume can prevent you from paying full attention to the road and from hearing the audible signals of other drivers, ambulances or police. Although the DGT recommends moderating the decibels, it lacks the authority to penalize in these cases.

DGT fine car volume

However, there is a possibility of being fined for excessively loud music. Although the Traffic Authority does not penalize this practice, municipal regulations establish decibel limits and exceeding them can result in fines that vary between 100 and 3,000 euros, depending on the provisions of each municipality.

Generally speaking, the limit is considered to be 87 decibels. For example, in Zaragoza, exceeding this limit is considered a minor offense with a fine of approximately 36 euros, while in places like Madrid, if it is exceeded by more than 7 decibels, the penalty can reach 600 euros. In addition, detection systems for this offense are being improved, and agents can carry a sound level meter that measures decibels, making it impossible to appeal the fine.

The DGT warns that this action can not only cause significant distractions for us, but also for other drivers, as well as create inconvenience for neighbors and passers-by.


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