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FLASHLED cumple todos los requisitos de la DGT

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Con más de 300 reviews positivas FLASHLED es la primera baliza V16 IoT conectada con Telefónica Tech

Advantages offered by a V16 Approved beacon

It is true that all our lives we have been using emergency triangles for any accident situation that we have had on the road, but like everything, it ends up evolving to be replaced by something better. Although they are not yet mandatory until 2026, emergency beacons are beginning to be the most reliable option in road safety, clearly offering very positive advantages over emergency triangles.

What real advantages do they offer?

  • Signaling without leaving your vehicle: thanks to their practical system, these beacons offer the possibility of signaling your position without ever having to leave your vehicle. This is something very important to take into account, since in the case of triangles, they have to be positioned at least 100 meters from the car, thus considerably increasing the chances of being run over on the road. This advantage also becomes a very optimal option for people with reduced mobility.
  • Greater visibility: being directly attached to the vehicle, they offer much higher visibility, especially at night and/or on rainy, snowy or foggy days. Being able to see up to 1 km away from the accident thanks to a light intensity much higher than the reflection offered by the road triangle.
  • Weather resistance: another quality guarantee that stands out in the approved V16 beacon is that it supports high temperatures, as well as temperatures below zero degrees Celsius. In addition, its material is resistant to adverse weather conditions such as strong winds, dust, sand, hail or even rain, without affecting its operation.  
  • Connection to the DGT Cloud: through its connected geolocation system, these new beacons, like the current FlashLED SOS IoT, offer a real-time service that connects with the DGT 3.0 platform. This allows the DGT to inform the accident in real time on the road at all times, achieving safer and more intelligent mobility.
  • Simple and practical use: as a last important point to highlight, due to its compact size, the V16 beacons are very easy to store and even be used by motorists, given their easy placement in the vehicle thanks to their magnetic base.


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