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FLASHLED cumple todos los requisitos de la DGT

Comparte tu ubicación exacta 100% anónima

Con más de 300 reviews positivas FLASHLED es la primera baliza V16 IoT conectada con Telefónica Tech

FlashLED SOS already has an LCOE approved certificate

We are pleased to inform that FlashLED SOS V16 Connected and Approved by the DGT, already has the approval certificate in Spain for its manufacture with the no. LCOE 2023010020G1 .

With this last step, our beacon will be ready to be launched on the market in the near future , complying with all the requirements established by the DGT , offering the consumer the guarantee of having a quality product that complies with all regulations and with an efficient and safe service. .

What is the key difference between the current emergency beacons and those certified by the DGT?

Until now, there were several models of emergency lights on the market, although within these models, none had yet been marketed that had built-in geolocation technology , since this aspect is the key feature of the new beacons approved by the DGT .

This is the case of our FlashLED SOS V16 Connected beacon, which already has its official approval certificate. For this, a specific LCOE code is assigned, which will be incorporated into the product in a clear and readable way for the user at all times. In addition, to confirm the approval of your emergency light, you can consult the official list of brands and models of V-16 devices that comply with everything established in Royal Decree 1030/2022 at the address http://www. that the DGT will publish shortly , where you will find the new FLASHLED SOS.

Thanks to this certification, FlashLED SOS V16 Connected can soon be used as an emergency signaling system on our roads and will become a MANDATORY USE product from 2026.


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