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Can the DGT spy on us with the new V16 Connected emergency lights?

The V16 Connected emergency light is a new safety device that will soon replace the emergency triangle, providing functions such as signaling obstacles, breakdowns or accidents on the road. However, some drivers suspect that these geolocation devices could be used for spying or fine purposes.

But what are the data that the DGT 3.0 platform actually uses?

To begin with, a V16 Connected beacon only sends signals when it is activated, so it remains inactive and does not send signals to the DGT or possible "hackers" while it is turned off inside the vehicle. In addition, it is an autonomous device that does not record the identification of the vehicle or the driver.

DGT 3.0

Taking this into account, the DGT will only be able to know the location of the beacon when it is activated, that is, when it is placed on top of the vehicle in the event of a breakdown or accident and the central emergency button is pressed. From here on, the only information transmitted, ALWAYS ANONYMOUSLY, through the beacon's communications service will be the following:


  • manufacturer ID
  • device ID


  • Latitude
  • Length
  • Height

The fact that the DGT can have this information will mean a substantial improvement in the safety of our roads, since a warning will be displayed on the light panels near the scene of the incident, on the navigators and on the dashboards of the cars (V27 signs), reporting the obstacle even in low visibility conditions. In addition, you will have real-time information on all incidents that occur on the roads to be able to notify other drivers immediately of your position in order to avoid possible accidents.


Like any new technology that is still very recent in the knowledge of the majority of users and the general public, it is normal that it can create certain doubts and insecurities at the beginning, but as has been verified, anyone can rest assured that in At all times your information is completely protected and safe from any data theft. What is clear is that in order to prevent as much as possible the numerous accidents that unfortunately happen regularly on our roads, new systems and technologies such as these are vital and necessary to help prevent them.


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