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A motorcycle can have an emergency signal V16

Any motorcycle driver is aware of the vulnerability that this group has on the road , a factor that in recent years has been reflected in the statistics of road traffic victims, with half of the fatalities belonging to this same group. One of the main reasons is because the use of mobile devices behind the wheel is increasing , and with it the potential distractions on the road.

It is true that a motorcycle has the advantage of being able to occupy less space when moving to the side of the road in an accident or accident situation, but this also means that it will not be as visible to other drivers on the road, especially at night when visibility is greatly reduced.

At this point the emergency beacons come in, and especially the FlashLED SOS V16 beacon, which thanks to its 16 integrated LED lights , offers visibility over 1 km and 360º at night , as well as visibility and brightness during the day. . It also reports the position of your vehicle thanks to its geolocation system, connecting you directly with the DGT 3.0 service and at the same time communicating your position to other users who are near the area of ​​the accident. Also, if you are concerned about having your V16 beacon exposed to the outside, it is resistant to both dust and water with its IP54 degree of protection and guaranteed operation between −10 ºC and 50 ºC.

All these functions at your disposal just by pressing the central button of your V16 beacon , without having to get out of your vehicle or move from it to place the signal at a specific distance, endangering your safety.

Do not worry if you have little space on the motorcycle to take your emergency signal with you, since its small size makes it perfect to take it with you easily and it can be placed without the need for wiring on any surface of your motorcycle thanks to its magnetic base .

As you can see, there are many benefits that the V16 emergency light brings for road safety . Motorcycles, in this sense, will not be left out of enjoying the guarantees that the V16 beacons will provide to improve your protection on the road .

Below we leave you a link with more information on this subject in an article on the motorpasión website.


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