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Zoom FlashLED SOS Beacon V16 Connected IoT Pack 6 units
Zoom FlashLED SOS Beacon V16 Connected IoT Pack 6 units
Zoom FlashLED SOS Beacon V16 Connected IoT Pack 6 units
Zoom FlashLED SOS Beacon V16 Connected IoT Pack 6 units
Zoom FlashLED SOS Beacon V16 Connected IoT Pack 6 units
Zoom FlashLED SOS Beacon V16 Connected IoT Pack 6 units

FlashLED SOS Beacon V16 Connected IoT Pack 6 units

€281,44 Regular price €299,40
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FlashLED SOS V16 Connected Pack 6 units

FlashLED SOS accident and emergency signaling beacon with geolocation system, connected to DGT 3.0 and V16 certification. Designed with all the specifications required by the DGT, it can be used as an emergency signaling system and will be MANDATORY USE from 2026.

Its built-in geolocation system will be able to report the location of the vehicle completely anonymously. Communicate your to Activation, deactivation and geopositioning of the national access point in terms of traffic and mobility.

The product includes a 9V battery for its operation, with a protection system to prevent its discharge before the first use.


main features

Visibility 360º /1 km
Optical system with a 360º field of visibility, guaranteeing its range over 1 km away.

geolocation system
Built-in geolocation system. Informs about the location of the vehicle communicating activation, deactivation and geopositioning.

13 years included
Cost of communications and data service included and guaranteed for 13 years.

magnetic base
Magnetized base to remain stable on a flat surface, not moving in the face of air currents of 180 Pa.

Dust and water resistant
IP54 degree of protection and guaranteed operation at temperatures of −10 ºC and 50 ºC.

DGT 3.0
Manufactured in accordance with current safety regulations and approved by an LCOE accredited laboratory, according to DGT requirements, FlashLED SOS connects to DGT 3rd through Telefónica Tech.

Spanish design and manufacturing
Thanks to our extensive experience, we develop and produce our own products in Spain.

High quality standard
All our products are tested and manufactured to guarantee the highest quality.

Use of latest technologies
FlashLED SOS offers geolocation technology with Telefónica Tech.

Easy and safe handling
Activate it, place it in the vehicle and connect it to the APP easily and safely.

FlashLED SOS Beacon V16 Connected IoT Pack 6 units

€281,44 Regular price €299,40

emergency beacons


We have been developing products for more than 30 years, with a single goal: to save lives in an intelligent way.



We cultivate relationships that are as lasting as they are beneficial. The loyalty towards our clients is only comparable to the passion for our work.


Where is the V16 beacon placed?

The FlashLED V16 emergency beacon must be placed in the highest place in the vehicle, since it will thus be visible from a greater distance and always as horizontal as possible with respect to the ground, due to the direction of the light beam. In cars, the emergency light can be placed on the roof or even the arch of the chassis in cases of glass roofs, or on the driver's door panel (always in the place most exposed to traffic). On mopeds, it must be adhered to a metallic surface of the bodywork.

When is V16 mandatory?

Following the recent approval of Royal Decree 159/2021, the FlashLED V16 emergency light , in addition to being recommended by the traffic authorities, will also replace the emergency triangle, if desired, from July 1, 2021 and will be valid until January 1, 2026 , when it will switch to a system of connected V16 beacons that will soon be on sale.

Are they approved?

The DGT recommends the use of V16 emergency lights approved by Applus IDIADA in accordance with the regulations required by the DGT (numbers PC19010175, PC19080098, PC19010266).

All Flash LED V16 emergency lights meet these requirements.

Is it safe?

You can use the emergency beacons without having to get out of the vehicle or remove your seat belt, which guarantees greater protection.

Thanks to their design, you can place them on the roof of the vehicle safely and quickly. You will have immediate signaling capacity in the event of any breakdown or accident.

*From July 1, 2021 you can replace the triangles of your vehicle with the approved V16 beacon.



The DGT emergency beacon regulations were approved by Royal Decree 159/2021 of March 16.

For more information, you can access the following link: HERE

FlashLED is one of the few brands with the approved V16 certificate and that comply with the new DGT approval.


FLASH LED is approved by the General Directorate of Traffic (with LCOE Certificate No. 2020040382G). This V16 signal is recommended, from July 1, 2021, to replace the current signaling triangles on the road.

Through the following link, you can find more information about the different certificates and the new Royal Decree 159/2021

See Certificates: HERE


At FlashLED we design and patent our products to guarantee your maximum safety, thanks to the set of exclusive rights granted to FlashLED for its intelligent V16 emergency beacon products.

Patent: HERE

About us


At FlashLED we are committed to innovation and design, creating smart products thanks to the latest technology.


To be the national reference in intelligent road safety products.

Facilitate the life of the user, creating a better technological future, with a quality service accessible to all people.



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