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FLASHLED cumple todos los requisitos de la DGT

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Con más de 300 reviews positivas FLASHLED es la primera baliza V16 IoT conectada con Telefónica Tech

What are the key differences that FLASHLED offers?

Beyond the advantages in terms of safety and efficiency that the new Signals V16 CONNECTED bring to all users, in this blog we summarize the main differences and competitive advantages of FlashLED SOS V16 Connected.

Notice confirmation

FlashLED SOS is the ONLY Connected Emergency Light that guarantees the correct sending of the notice to the DGT 3.0 connected vehicle platform. Thanks to the ACK (acknowledgement of receipt) system, an exclusive technology from Telefónica Tech, we can justify the acknowledgment of receipt.

FlashLED Connected

battery check

FlashLED SOS is the ONLY Connected Emergency Light that has a battery check on the device itself with an LED indicator that, by pressing the main button for more than 3 seconds, lights up in different colors depending on the state of the battery. Green 100%, orange 50% and red 10%.

Flashled battery indication lights

Differentiating design

FlashLED SOS Connected has a UNIQUE style, without taking advantage of the designs and molds of other beacons for this new product. The efforts made by the ANIMA group to create a different, more compact product with premium finishes have been recognized with three prestigious international design awards.

FlashLED beacon SOS V16 Connected Design Awards


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