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Tips to save fuel while driving

Currently the prices of gasoline and diesel are at all-time highs, and although the type of engine that each one has influences the final consumption, it has been shown that between 30 and 50% of the fuel cost depends on the way of driving from the owner.

But how to save fuel effectively?

High gears: A good way to significantly reduce fuel consumption is by using the highest possible gear, even in urban areas and respecting speed limits. Current engines are capable of responding well even if we drive in high gear at low revs, allowing minimal fuel consumption. It is advisable not to use the lower gears, unless it is necessary, such as when starting on a steep hill. And if the car does not have the Start/Stop system, it is advisable to turn off the engine during prolonged stops.

Anticipation: it is always important to follow some guidelines while driving, such as driving at a constant and moderate speed, keeping a safe distance and progressively accelerating when leaving traffic lights. It is also beneficial to anticipate and stop accelerating when you see a slower vehicle in the distance to coast when there is a stoppage, saving fuel and brake pads at the same time.

The baggage: using the air cooling system without unnecessary need increases energy consumption in the range of 10% to 20%. That is why it is important to optimize its use and keep the windows closed while driving on the highway, since any alteration in the vehicle's aerodynamics will result in excessive fuel consumption. Following this information, if the trunk storage space is insufficient, it is better to resort to a closed and aerodynamic luggage rack instead of placing the objects on a roof rack haphazardly, which is dangerous and significantly increases consumption.


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