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FLASHLED cumple todos los requisitos de la DGT

Comparte tu ubicación exacta 100% anónima

Con más de 300 reviews positivas FLASHLED es la primera baliza V16 IoT conectada con Telefónica Tech

The keys of the geolocated V16 beacons

What function does a geolocated V16 fulfill?

These devices are equipped with geolocation technology, which allows them to connect to the DGT 3.0 network to provide detailed information on the location of the damaged vehicle, as well as cars that currently or in the future have this connectivity. This information is sent every 100 seconds until the deactivation communication is received.


In addition, in general terms, the V16 lights fulfill the function of conventional signaling, replacing the emergency triangles and avoiding the need to get out of the vehicle to place them in the event of a breakdown or emergency. In fact, it is recommended to have these signaling beacons, since the law has been adjusted and it is not allowed to walk on the highway or road to place the triangles when traffic and visibility conditions are dangerous for your safety.

Until when do we have the connectivity service?

Connectivity is guaranteed until 2038. All geolocated V16s must have an integrated eSIM card with a data connection, which is currently offered through three operators: Vodafone, Orange and Telefónica (in the case of FlashLED). By law, all of them must provide a minimum of 12 years of connectivity.

FlashLED SOS emergency light V16 geolocated approved

Therefore, these five connected V16s offer those 12 years, but this time will be counted from January 1, 2026, which ensures connectivity until 2038. In practical terms, they offer free connection until 2026 and then the mandatory 12 years .

The eSIM card cannot be extracted, so from 2038: if you want to expand the data plan, in the case of FlashLED, by paying additionally you can renew the connectivity service with your Telefónica operator.

frequent doubts

Is DGT 3.0 already active?

Yes, although it is still in the testing phase. Anyway, it is expected that these connected beacons will be able to connect to this Traffic platform soon and, predictably, before 2026, when they become mandatory.

Is it worth buying a connected V16 now?

Currently, the non-connected V16s coexist on the market with the connected ones. Although those that do not have geolocation are cheaper (around 15 to 20 euros), in two and a half years they will not be able to be used, since they will all have to be connected.


Therefore, the DGT itself recommends acquiring the connected V16s instead of opting for the unconnected ones, since the latter will be unusable from 2026 and it will be necessary to acquire one with geolocation. Although they are more expensive, it makes more sense to buy them first and thus double the investment.


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