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How to change your wheel in 5 steps

Changing safety car wheel - FlashLED SOS V16 Connected

A puncture, a blowout or, simply, the loss of air is one of the most frequent breakdowns that usually occurs in a car. However, seven out of ten drivers admit that they do not know how to act in this situation.

Here are five easy steps to change a wheel and resume your journey without problems:

  1. Stop the car in a safe place and make yourself visible to other drivers with FlashLED SOS V16 Connected.
  2. Locate the necessary tools (spare tire, jack, wrench and the adapter if the car has security bolts) and loosen the wheel nuts before jacking up the car.
  3. Raise the vehicle with the jack until the flat tire is almost off the ground. Remove the bolts and take off the wheel.
  4. Install the spare tire and hand-tighten the bolts.
  5. Remove the jack and tighten the bolts with the wrench.

Remember, when you're done, make sure to check the tire pressure at the nearest gas station to drive safely.


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