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FLASHLED cumple todos los requisitos de la DGT

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How to be part of the DGT 3.0

The DGT IoT Platform has been developed in its own public cloud, with scalability, availability, security and portability capabilities, which allows interconnection between all the participants that are part of the traffic and mobility ecosystem.

Communication between systems and applications

DGT 3.0 is designed to communicate with the backup systems of each of the different users where the server applications will be hosted, which share and/or consume the information. These server applications will in turn be connected to the Client application of each of the users, which may be hosted in: beacons, mobile devices, vehicles, etc.; and with the corresponding functionality according to the type of participant (shares or consumes information).

Information exchange methods

The methods used to share and consume information with the DGT 3.0 platform are based on the API REST market standards and MQTT queues, depending on the use case to be implemented. These methods, among many other advantages, allow the decoupling of communication and the programming language in which the applications that need to interact are implemented.

Access and security requirements

In order to access DGT 3.0, it is necessary for the participant to have enabled at least one public IP address of their backup system in the white list (Whitelist) of the DGT 3.0 platform and to have a client X.509 v3 Digital Certificate for the authentication and authorization of communications, which will be issued by an internal Certification Authority (CA) of the DGT 3.0 platform.


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